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ELONGATE is a cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain that powers a social impact movement. A 10% transaction fee rewards holders and donates significant sums to philanthropic activities. The ELONGATE team is building a social impact ecosystem to revolutionize social impact on the blockchain.



Cum Rocket

CumRocket is a token focused on building an NFT marketplace for adult content (NSFW pictures, videos), allowing chat messaging, tipping, and subscription services in the future. No chargebacks, instant payments, no minimum pay-outs, lower transaction fees, and increased anonymity for both creators and buyers! CumRocket plans to disrupt the monopolistic, predatory adult industry by empowering content creators (and their fanbases) as stakeholders in an adult-friendly ecosystem.



Coco Swap

Coco Swap a autonomous yield and liquidity protocol which will enable users to exchange cryptocurrencies, NFT's and other derivatives through an autonomous yield protocol.



Deez Nuts

DEEZNUTS is based on the popular “Deez Nuts” Internet meme but represents itself as a charity coin. DEEZNUTS was created to raise awareness and funds for cancer research, while also leveraging the viral and humorous aspect of the meme. The coin is now trending and supported by a list of celebrities and billionaires from around the world that are helping to promote the charitable cause.




ONYX is a new project in the defi space aiming to establish itself. The project was launched on or around November 15th 2021, Therefore, do you Due Diligence.
Onyx is intended to be an open-world game with a vast expanse of 7 continents developed in Unreal Engine. The game will feature a multitude of playable NFTs.




CLEAN is a charity token that combines economic growth with ecological benefits. The teams mission is to save the oceans from all the man made disastors and the project has listed this in an elaborate way on their whitepaper. They have made it clear that protecting the earth and its habitats while growing
financially through sustainable investments is a valuable strategy. A fully committed and doxxed team with a powerful charity project.

Projects evolve with time and their scores should improve as well. Qubestreet revisits tokens every 30 days and update their scores.

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