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QUBESCAN Disclaimer

Qubescan is a tool created to review new tokens/coins in the cryptocurrency market. At the end of each audit, we assign a trust score for each token. The higher the score, the stronger the trust.

We look at the long term potential of a project and not short term gains.

Every token will have new investors who would buy in to a token regardless of its authenticity. This is unpredictable.

A token that has a good trust score might still have a smaller market cap and might not do well in the future if the developers do not mange the project well enough. 

Qubescan only helps you cover some of the most important factors in a token. We strongly urge you to not take a decision based on our assessment. 

We call out risks/red flags that we have identified with these tokens so that it will help investors take an informed decision before investing.

These scores are at the time of review and they can change when the project evolves. The authors simply state what is on the respective tokens websites and contract.

We are not affiliated with any token or a company.

If you feel that there is a need for a correction for a review, please contact us.

This is in no way an advice for you to make a decision to purchase a token. This is an assessment that is performed based on few indicators that the authors have carefully curated based on their experience in the cryptocurrency market. Any decision you make after reading this review is entirely your determination. Please trade within your risk appetite.

This is no way a comparison with established tokens that are listed on major exchanges like Coinbase or Binance. Such tokens do not require a review from our end.

We cover the following checkpoints and add more as we progress with our audits: 

1. Under this category, we scan the token's whitepaper, the milestones and timelines on a roadmap. The products that are in the pipeline and how it is integrated to the tokenomics
2. if the token has an audit performed on their contract, if so, what are their findings, are there any critical issues flagged. We also check if there are plans for a future audit
3. We scan for any exchanges that the token is listed on other than pancake swap for BSC projects
4. We check if there are websites, social media handles that can assist with the support for the holders
5. We also try and understand if the developers hold a significant amount of tokens and if the liquidity is locked


This category includes everything around the contract, such as fees, dev wallets, top holders, reflections, burning mechanism, smart codes in the contracts, a scan on the contract vs what is written on the website, Circulating supply, total supply etc.


We look for the social media presence, organic/bot followers, their interactions on the tweets, comments on telegram, support they receive if they have a question. The response rate from the moderators of the various social media handles of the token, partnerships, marketcap, AMAs etc.

We reserve the right to update this disclaimer can be updated at any point.

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