AINU Token


AINU Token is a BEP20 token launched on Binance Smart Chain that is an automatic liquidity-providing protocol that gives out static rewards to HODLers while deflating.

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Authenticity & future plans

AINU token is a Binance smart chain token deployed on 23 May 2021. AINU is a meme coin aiming to be a large community driven crypto network.

AINU token’s supply is 1 Quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000), the first token with such a huge supply that we have come across.

AINU token has also mentioned that they have donated 20% of their supply to Vitalik Buterin to support the India Crypto Covid relief fund. There are multiple news publications who has covered this story as per google.

At time of writing, Goma token is listed on:
Latoken and
AINU swap

AINU token has released a game called ‘AINU chain game’ where it is available to play through the website (similar to a typical ‘snake’ game from Nokia). You can also download an Android application package (APK) file for android devices. We could not validate the environment of the application connected to the Tokenomics of AINU token. The game could be in an independent environment and no other information related to this is available on the website.

AINU token also has their own swap called Ainuswap which is available on their website.

Whitepaper & Roadmap:
The roadmap lists out 17 milestones of which the last milestone ended in August 2021. Updated future milestones could not be found on their website or whitepaper.

Whitepaper lists out Tokenomics and all information related to the charity, roadmap and the products.

Transparency & Contract

The contract was deployed on 23 May 2021 and has 4576 similar contracts executed before this. This is common in the De-Fi space to clone existing tokens contract and make changes to it.

The buy/sell tax is 10% and 5% of it is redistributed to existing holders and 5% is moved to the liquidity pool. The 5% redistribution is also sent to the dead wallet thereby taking out a portion of the tokens from circulation with every buy and sell.

The ownership is renounced. The Liquidity pool is locked on team. Finance till the end of 2021 as per the whitepaper. They have also mentioned that at the end of each quarter, the pooled transaction fee Ainu tokens will be burnt, (A rolling quarter base burning mechanism where the burns will be automatically executed)

AINU token is audited by Solidity finance. https://solidity.finance/audits/AINU/
No security issues was found in the audit however they did mention that the team holds a high number of tokens in their wallets.
The Devs hold 34% of the whole supply which is a huge number and can impact the price significantly if it is sold.
(20% of the supply with the AINU team and 14.21% of the total supply for marketing + manual burns)

The ownership is renounced to the community and there is no information of the developers on the website or social media handles.

Contract Address:
BSC chain - 0x2db0d5cb907014c67dc201886624716fb5c71123

Contract Code Review:
Contract is verified on BSCscan and the contract ownership is renounced to the community.
We did not find any discrepancies with what is on the contract against what is provided on the whitepaper of the website.

Current Market Cap:

Current 24Hr Volume:

The above data is According to CoinMarketCap & Poocoin at time of writing.

Liquidity, Tax & Reflections

20% of the supply is donated to charity
5% redistributed to the existing token holders when there is a transaction
Dev wallets hold more than 34% of the total supply
98.6% of the liquidity is locked under Team Finance locker until the end of 2021 and the AINU team has mentioned that they have plans of extending this to another 90 days.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quintillion)
Donated to charity: 24%
Circulating Supply: 55.78%
Buy/Sell/Move/Transfer Tax: 10%
Redistribution to existing holders: 5% (includes the burn & marketing wallet)
Redistribution to liquidity pool: 5%
Burnt: 25% of the total supply has been burnt


The community interactions on their social media handles are not daily but consistent with good response rate from the community.

Community by the Numbers:
Twitter – 14.6K followers
Telegram– 3,960
Holders/Wallets – 18,672 holders
Watch List (CMC) – 6363

Lunar Crush:
Galaxy score – 41/100
Alt rank – 2490/3143


AINU token is another meme token in the De-Fi space. The token has not released any new products yet. The use case is the AINU swap and a game which is not connected to the AINU Tokenomics (we could not find evidence of an established Tokenomics with the game)

Whitepaper and roadmap is found on their website however it is outdated. The roadmap ends on August 2021. The top 10 wallets hold more than 10% of the total volume so if the decide to sell, the token can see a huge dip. The 5% redistribution is also distributed to the burn wallet which can reduce the supply overtime. The 1 Quintillion supply is too huge for a token where there are no products to accelerate the token burns.

The contract is renounced so changes to the Tokenomics cannot be made which is a drawback at this point.

The wallets that hold huge supply of this token is also a concern for the growth of this token.

Recommendations: To update the roadmap on the website and to accelerate burns to reduce the supply. The community will also need an update with regards to the liquidity pools as it is locked only until the end of 2021.

First Published:
Tuesday, 19 October, 2021
Last updated:
Tuesday, 19 October, 2021
AINU Token


Scoring legend:
Below 50: Needs improvement
50-75: Getting attention
Above 75: Massive potential

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