MATICVERSE is a play to earn gaming token on Binance smartchain. They have a Baby Vengers multiverse whereby players get rewarded with Maticverse tokens! They have an NFT marketplace and Baby Vengers, a Player VS Environment battle card game. By holding $maticverse, you also get automatic airdrops every 60 minutes of $matic straight to your wallet!

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Authenticity & future plans

MaticVerse is a DeFi token which aims to bring metaverse game to the DeFi space in the form of a card battling game. To start, the game will have 18 unique superhero cards, these cards will be used in a player vs player, player vs environment gameplay as well as a free roaming type RPG.

Through the remainder of 2021 and into 2022, MaticVerse plans to release:

Game Phase 1
Game Phase 2

Launchpad for Matic projects
Mobile Game

MaticVerse plans to bridge the Polygon network with the Binance network and allow investors to play and earn passive income seamlessly across both networks.

Transparency & Contract

MaticVerse, formally called BabyMatic was a hyper deflationary token which gave BEP-20 Matic tokens to the holders as reflections.

BabyMatic has been rebranded and is now called MaticVerse. The token will continue to reward its holders with BEP-20 Matic tokens in the form of redistribution. The developers believe that by adding utility, the token will have longevity with a better use case.

MaticVerse Core Dev Team is partially Doxxed, while the remaining 11 of dev team are not. We do not have more information of the founders other than their names.

MaticVerse Contract Address: 0xAf7BfA6240745Fd41D1ED4b5fADE9DCAF369bA6c

Current Market Cap:
Current 24Hr Volume:

The above data is According to CoinMarketCap.

Liquidity, Tax & Reflections

MaticVerse supports a locked liquidity,, which was locked on the DxLocker for four years, 5% of each transaction/trade generates liquidly which helps sustain, and support the growth of the token.

MaticVerse Taxation is defined as:

Buying: 10% (4% to Marketing, 4% to Matic Rewards and 2% to LP)
Selling 15% ( 7% to Marketing, 5% to Matic Rewards and 3% to LP)

MaticVerse will redistribute reflections on both buying and selling, Additionally, you can earn extra Matic tokens from playing the game as stated by the MaticVerse team.

We found few irregularities with taxing on their contract codes whereby certain wallets are exempted from taxes.


Before the rebranding, BabyMatic had a large organic community, this community has not changed, they were more than eager to welcome the rebranding. The developers kept the community fully informed of all changes along the way and even allowed them to swap at a rate of 2 BabyMatic to 1 MaticVerse.

According to their website, they achieved an $8 Million market cap, distributed over 600,000 Matic tokens to holders, and amassed over 6000 Telegram members.

MaticVerse community have grown to over 10,000 Telegram members and 10,000 twitter followers and is growing everyday.


MaticVerse is a meme token with a purpose, set out to separate themselves from the rest due to the rebranding, the ecosystem and the BabyVengers game. They announced a partnership with Polygon but this seems to be just a usage of the polygon network and nothing more than that. We could not verify if a partnership is established with the original Polygon (Matic) team. Their artworks seem original except for one of the backgrounds that was borrowed from another artist on Pinterest. If the game is released, this should be a big positive sign for the community. We recommend another audit for this token by Certik or Solidity to increase trust with the investors.

MaticVerse scores a Qubescan score of 52/100 from our initial review.

First Published:
Friday, 8 October, 2021
Last updated:
Sunday, 10 October, 2021


Scoring legend:
Below 50: Needs improvement
50-75: Getting attention
Above 75: Massive potential

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