Ninja Doge


Ninja Doge is the first charity token to reward holders with Dogecoin. Mobile Game, NFT Collection & Animated Series in development.

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Authenticity & future plans

Ninja Doge: A token charity token that rewards its holders with passive income in the form of DogeCoin every 3 days. Additionally, Ninja Doge is developing a mobile game for both iOS & Android, an NFT Market Place, an animated series based on their NFT Characters and according to their roadmap, a “Mystery special Marketing that has never been done in the space before.

Moreover: Ninja Doge has the Crypto Dojo which is an education page designed to help investors increase their knowledge in the crypto space. Investors can learn about Crypto, Crypto security, how to buy Crypto, how to buy NFTs, Crypto News and more.

At time of writing, Ninja Doge is listed on 1 Exchange, which is BigONE.

NFTs Market Place
Mobile Game (iOS & Android)
An animated Series based on NFT Characters

Transparency & Contract

Ninja Doge was audited by Techrate and according the Techrate results, no issues was found with the project before launch. All security checks were passed. Techrate also noted owner is not renounced and can change burn, marketing, reward and liquidity fee, owner can change transaction amount, owner can exclude from the fee and change many other variables of the contract.

Ninja Doge was audited by Techrate

KYC Verification:
Passorfailme (@passorfailme)
KYC with unicrypt’s official partner - Passorfailme (PASSED) • Doxxed to a credible 3rd party KYC auditor • Process includes sending Co-founders’ passport, government ID, utility bills, live video call, detailed project plans, and picture with our official documents.​

The Team of Ninja Doge is partially Doxxed. The only information provided on the website and in their whitepaper is State and or Country in which they live in.

Contract Address:

Contract Code Review:
Upon reviewing the contract code, we did not find any discrepancies between the contract code and what is inherently written on their website.

Ninja Doge contract is owned and not renounced.

Current Market Cap:

Current 24Hr Volume:

Satoshi Street Bets
Shampoo Lounge
(More in Progress)

​The above data is According to CoinMarketCap.at time of writing (DYOR)

Liquidity, Tax & Reflections

All holders gain passive income of 5% DogeCoin from just holding Ninja Doge token in their wallets. Reward pay-outs are done every 3 days. Holders can also go to and connect to the Rewards Dashboard to check their current earnings.

Ninja Doge Liquidity is Considered unlocked ( According to Techrate; Owner did not provide liquidity locking details) Liquidity will remain unlocked until Ninja Doge provided locking details

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
Circulating Supply:
Buy/Sell/Move/Transfer Tax 17%
Buyback & Burn
Redistribution 5%
Liquidity 2% (Buy & Sell)
Marketing & Development 2%
NFT Multiplier 2%
Team 2%
Charity 2%


Ninja Doge’s community is an organic community with frequent comments being asked and frequent developer interactions. The provide 24/7 voice chat on telegram with Mods and co-founders.

3.6K Twitter Followers
14KK Telegram Members
15.5K Instagram
2771 Holders/Wallets
6K Watchlist (CMC)


Ninja Doge was launched on July 24, 2021, since launch the crypto space has taken notice of the token and what is has to offer. Ninja Doge has partnered with experienced game developers who have once worked on projects like Fortnite. Ninja Doge aims to donate to charity, create a game that keeps investors/game players engaged, host regular competitions to reward the players with the highest scores.

-At time of writing, Ninja Doge does not have a plan within their road map for future audits, we recommend additional audits along the roadmap to compliment the KYC.
-Fully Doxxed themselves to boost investor confidence with the project.
-Lock Liquidity or provide Liquidity locking details

First Published:
Saturday, 9 October, 2021
Last updated:
Wednesday, 13 October, 2021
Ninja Doge


Scoring legend:
Below 50: Needs improvement
50-75: Getting attention
Above 75: Massive potential

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