ORE System


The ORE System is a next-generation block-chain technology that creates value for content-creators, collectors, and studios

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Authenticity & future plans

ORE system is a legal entity operating in the United States, with copywrite and trademark rights which is in alignment with corporate partners that see the prospects of the ORE.

According to ORE Token website, a “Clan That Slays Together Stays Together”
Moreover: According to their website, the “Goal of The ORE Token is to give public and free management of The ORE Token to the community. The developers are completely doxxed, ownership renounced, and active buy-in by the developers. All pre-purchased tokens will be locked in for a minimum of 90 days but will average 12 months” creating transparency with the investors.
ORE Token project insist on not creating a shitcoin, nor is it to be considered an altcoin. ORE Token intends to have a real-world function as an “item that brings next-gen gaming to the blockchain at scale. With our integrated burn function, we will utilize a function within our tokens that performs a 2% burn of tokens and then destroy that percentage of tokens forever”, and will only increase as more gamers, game developers and ecommerce come on board.

ORE Office locations including Map, office hours and contact information.

At time of writing, ORE token is not listed on any exchanges
ORE Token Added to WooCommerce MyCryptoCheckout Plugin to can be used at over 2000 WooCommerce Stores and Supported By 4.4 Million Sites.

ORE System Cool Wallet

Whitepaper & Roadmap:
The ORE roadmap spans 2 years, starting January 15th, 2021, to December 31st 2022.
Both the Roadmap and Whitepaper contain smart goals towards the growth, and development of the project.



Transparency & Contract

The team at ORE Token is open and transparent with the project, they are a business first then a Token. ORE Token has offices in Dubuque, IA, Cascade, IA and Independence, IA. Main Office hours are posted as
Office Hours: Monday – Friday – 9am – 6pm US Central Standard Time
Phone: (563) 231-9700

HQ (Dubuque, IA): 210 Jones St, Door B, Dubuque, IA 52001
Sales Office: 131 2nd Ave, NE Independence, IA 50644
Remote Office: 244 1st Ave W, Cascade, IA 52033

A portion of ORE Tokens will be initial pre-purchased by the project. These will not only be used to help uplift the project and those involved but to also show that there is long-term support for the project as the developers and organization are holding The ORE Token. These will remain locked for at least 90 days after the initial launch date and wallet addresses disclosed.

5% of the Tokens will be placed in a Project / Marketing Support wallet. This will go for the hiring of people, marketing support, and teams to organize targeted engagements with game developers, creation of the ORE System architecture. Locked for 14 days after initial launch. As the ORE Project reaches it’s marketing goals the remaining balance will be REDISTRIBUTED TO ALL HOLDERS!! Investors can view this as being paid dividends just by holding and supporting the project.

According to the website, the following was written “The ORE has partnered with Unity, Unreal, and Microsoft to provide support for The ORE SDK’s integration into the next generation of gaming. The ORE SDK provides developers with a packaged library of code through the Unity Asset Store, The Unreal Marketplace, and Microsoft Visual Studio. The simplicity and speed of The ORE SDK directly reduces the development and delivery time, while integrating bleeding edge technologies.” Upon review, we were unable to confirm these partnerships other than announcements made during the September 21st 2021 AMA where they confirmed their partnerships with the aforementioned live.

ORE token is audited by Certik. You can find the audit here.

There are 0 critical issues, 2 Major, 1 Medium , 3 minor and 5 informational issues.
Of the 11 issues identified, 4 has been resolved at the time of writing and the rest are in progress.

ORE Token also state that their token was audited by MYTHX

ORE token founder and Developers is fully doxxed with full access to their LinkedIN profiles, photos, and wallet addresses.
Founder name: Kizz MyAnthia

Contract Address:
BSC chain - 0x8e2d8f40818fbaba663db6a24fb9b527fc7100be

Contract Code Review:
Contract is verified on BSCscan and the contract ownership is renounced to the community.
We did not find any discrepancies with the contact code against what is written on their website.

Current Market Cap:

Current 24Hr Volume:

The above data is According to CoinMarketCap at time of writing.

Liquidity, Tax & Reflections

Liquidity is locked with DeepLock Locker and verified by Techrate

Total Supply: 4,100,000,000,000,000
Circulating Supply: 3,861,838.40 Billion
Buy/Sell/Move/Transfer Tax 8%
Redistribution 3%
Project Support 3%
Burn 2%


ORE token does not a large following of community members at time of writing, the community is organic, with members and investors asking credible questions, posting memes, and supporting the project. ORE token keeps the community informed via Twitter tweets, Telegram Announcements, and YouTube AMAs. All in all, the ORE Token team does a good job of keeping the community informed.

Community by the Numbers:
Twitter – 2,918K followers
Telegram– 3,334K members
Holders/Wallets – 4,725 holders
Watch List (CMC) – 1,703

Lunar Crush:
Galaxy score – N/A
Alt rank – N/A


The project is growing fast, Watcher Guru has taking notice and has started tracking the project at time of this writing. The future of this project is very promising, especially with the use case they intend to integrate into the gaming and ecommerce space. The ORE Token team takes pride is what they intend to integrate into the gaming space, and their whitepaper as “not something only for today, not something simply the status quo, but world-changing” as well as integrating with the next-generation games” defines the commitment the team has for the project.

ORE Token is a project with a lot of potential, the transparency the Team provides is already apparent in the community.
We at Qubestreet recommend the following:
Partnerships- Provide hard evidence of partnerships to the community

First Published:
Sunday, 17 October, 2021
Last updated:
Thursday, 21 October, 2021
ORE System


Scoring legend:
Below 50: Needs improvement
50-75: Getting attention
Above 75: Massive potential

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