RIZE ABOVE EVOLUTION (RZE): Is a token on the Binance Smart Chain, formally known as RZA. According to their website Rize Above (RZE) is a “hyper-deflationary token with auto-claim DOGE reflections” and themed “for THE PEOPLE by THE PEOPLE”

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Authenticity & future plans

RIZE ABOVE (RZE) formally known as RIZE ABOVE (RZA which originally gave reflections in RZA to the holders. RZA rebranded to RZE and is intended to be a community driven DeFi token. The vision and purpose are to show that now all tokens should be viewed as scams or rug pulls. RZE intends to work 24/7 to instil trust in team, the project, and the supporting community. The Founder and developers aim to renounce ownership of the contract and turn the project over to the community.
RIZE goal is to reduce the total supply of $RZE to roughly 20% (136,675,770) of the original supply by means of utilizing the Rizeasurus (Great Dino Rize) to buyback and burn RZE tokens, as well as occasionally initializing manual burns. RZE plans to implement manual burns of influencer & giveaway reserves, and the remaining marketing, charity and part wallet upon relinquishing ownership of the contract. The team intends on funding MOST of the community goals, needs, & charity utilizing the $DOGE rewards sent to those wallets. Doing so will leave the token value intact while still satisfying the needs of the community.

At time of writing, RIZE ABOVE EVOLUTION token is not listed on any exchanges

NFT Marketplace
RIZE EZ Swap (Dashboard)
RIZE Pay (Wallet/Charts/POS Payments)
RIZE Merch

Whitepaper & Roadmap:
Both the Roadmap and Whitepaper contain smart goals towards the growth and development of the project.



Transparency & Contract

The team at RZE is very open and transparent with the project, RIZE developers have all been doxxed to the community and is always available when needed.

The Great Dino RIZE:
If you’re waiting for a dip, you had better get in quick! The great DINO RIZE is always hungry for RZE. Auto/Manual buyback feature with auto/manual burns. This is one massive DINO RIZE buyer!

RIZE ABOVE EVOLUTION has not yet announced any Partnerships.

RIZE ABOVE EVOLUTION has not yet announced any Audits, the roadmap indicates a future contract audit.

Rize Above token founder and Developers are fully doxxed.

Travis Gutierrez Founder & Chief Visionary Jedi
Daniel Jones Co-Founder & Community Alchemis
Nick Tullis Co-Founder & Creative Emperor

Contract Address:
BSC chain - 0x01e9611dF08548994C883e4Ca729B0128E73470F

Contract Code Review:
Contract is verified on BSCscan and the contract ownership is not renounced. Contract is ownable.
We did not find any discrepancies with the contact code against what is written on their website pertaining to fees and rewards.


Current Market Cap:

Current 24Hr Volume:

The above data is According to Bogged finance at time of writing.

Liquidity, Tax & Reflections

Liquidity is locked

Total Supply: 690 Million
Circulating Supply: 215,486,907
Buy Tax 13%
Sell /Move/Transfer 16%
Redistribution/Reflections 8% Doge Rewards Every 24hrs
Minimum Redistribution Requirements – 20,071 RZE Tokens
Project Support %
Burned: 67.32%


RIZE ABOVE EVOLUTION token community is organic, fun, and lively. RIZE is consistent with their involvement in the community, doing giveaways such as NFTs, RZE tokens and merch to lucky winners. They have also contributed to charity and details about these can be found on their social media handles. Developers are always available to answer questions, provide updates via AMAs. Twitter and Telegram. RIZE Devs are always pushing more for the communities and investors alike.

Community by the Numbers:
Twitter – 3,648K followers
Telegram– 2,478K members
Instagram – 1,142 followers
Holders/Wallets – 5,804 holders
Watch List (CMC) – N/A

Lunar Crush:
Galaxy score – 43
Alt rank – 591


RIZE ABOVE EVOLUTION token is a fast-growing project in the De-Fi space. They have amassed a community which fully supports the project. The community members create memes showing off the project and sometimes even host their own separate contest in support of the token. At time of writing, RZE is in the process of getting listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, additionally, RZE is close to releasing their NFT Marketplace as well as unlocking and announcing full details regarding the upcoming Rizeable.

We at Qubestreet recommend the following:
Retain Ownership of the contract (Do not renounced)
CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listings
Exchange Listings
Contract Audit (an earlier audit besides the future audit scheduled on the roadmap)

The above is for informational purposes only and is in no way financial advice. Do your Own Research? (DYOR)

First Published:
Saturday, 9 October, 2021
Last updated:
Sunday, 24 October, 2021


Scoring legend:
Below 50: Needs improvement
50-75: Getting attention
Above 75: Massive potential

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