The Safemoon Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. It was created in March 2021 on Binance smartchain. The token charges a 10% fee on transactions (Buy/sell) and 5% of those transactions are redistributed to existing holders and 5% are routed to the Binance liquidity pool as BNB.

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Authenticity & future plans

Safemoon is an LLC company, Fully Audited by Certik. Certik is the top Security/Auditing firm in the cryptocurrency space when it comes to standard and excellence. John Karony (CEO of Safemoon and Thomas smith also know as "Papa" ( Chief Blockchain Officer) are the core members of Safemoon. They have a list of products due to be released by the end of 2021 as well as other major projects.

Android & iOS crypto wallets
Hardware Wallet ( Offline Storage)
Safemoon V2 ( Revised Contract)
Safemoon Swap
Safemoon Exchange
Safemoon Blockchain
Safemoon MoonCraft Game
Safemoon Project Phoenix
Safemoon Merch

Safemoon is not just another meme token. Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko does not list Safemoon under the meme category. Safemoon plans to be the new block chain of the future, with true tokenomics, called "Cryptonomics" for every crypto under its blockchain, including Bitcoin.

Transparency & Contract

Safemoon has over 90 employees, the core team is Doxxed and for safety reasons, the others are not. No employees are forced to Doxed themselves, it is a choice and a right.

Since Launch, Safemoon has maintained ownership of their contract, doing so allowing the developers a degree of flexibility to grow and evolve the token.

Contract Address: 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3

Contract Code Review:
Upon reviewing the contract code, we did not find any discrepancies between the contract code and what is inherently written on their website.​

They have a market capitalization of over $988M and a 24 hour volume of over $5M at the time of writing

Liquidity, Tax & Reflections

Safemoon supports a locked liquidity, which was locked on the DxLocker for four years, 5% of each transaction/trade generates liquidity which helps sustain, and support the growth of the token.

Total Supply: 1 Trillion
Circulating Supply 585,536.37 Billion
Buy/ Sell/Transfer Tax is 10%

Locked in DxLocker

Safemoon supports a 5% Reflection to all holders as passive income..

Additionally, a Burn wallet takes a portion of the reflections and burns them out of existence.


Safemoon was launched in March of 2021, since then, a large number of wallets ( Holders) have sought the token. Safemoon has one of the largest communities of any token.​

Community by the Numbers:

1 Million Twitter followers
2.6 Million Wallet Holders
155K Telegram followers
268K Reddit followers
104K Discord followers

They also have content creators on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many other forms of social media platforms.

The community behind Safemoon is surely a force to be reckoned with.


Safemoon is for the people by the people. The Token is community driven and aims to become a Coin in the near future. Safemoon can be bought on PancakeSwap, and 17 other Exchanges including WhiteBit, Bitmart and Gate.io.

Safemoon gets a Qubescan score of 95/100.

First Published:
Friday, 8 October, 2021
Last updated:
Sunday, 10 October, 2021


Scoring legend:
Below 50: Needs improvement
50-75: Getting attention
Above 75: Massive potential

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