SHIBX is the first Rebase token which passively rewards $SHIB. This combination of Rebase and Passive Dividend rewards is brand new on the Binance Smart Chain and has shown to break all charts!

The team behind the project believes in transparency and communication. Therefore all marketing expenses can be tracked from the marketing wallet. And the LP pool will be locked for

This combined with our experience from previous projects we believe this project will see the moon in no time!

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Authenticity & future plans

SHIBX was launched in October 2021.
The SHIBX project was developed to reward holders of the tokens with Doge Reflections, the project has since switched from Doge to Shiba Inu reflections where they redistribute 6% Shiba Inu reflections to the holders. Another feature they have in place is the rebase system which is an elastic token supply that changes with the selloff dips.


At time of writing, not listed on any exchanges.

SHIBX has no products yet.

Transparency & Contract

Rebase system
Rebasing is an Elastic Supply token that adjust the global token supply throughout all dips.
Manual Rebasing is currently being done by actively monitoring the charts.

The rebase mechanic rebases the price floor of a token by adjusting the total supply of tokens in circulation. Meaning not only the LP Pool tokens get reduced or increased but also the tokens you hold in your wallet.

SHIBX states that “Rebasing at the right time can reverse panic sells and makes the chart look healthy!
To see the current active market chart after a rebase, it is recommended to periodically refresh the charts and especially before buying and selling so you are aware of the current price or its changes.

SHIBX states that the number of tokens is not reprehensive of the value you are holding within rebase token projects. Because the rebasing happens to the total supply of tokens in circulation the value of your holdings stays the same after a rebase happens.
It is currently unclear if there is an auto rebase or if it is even possible to have one.

At time of writing, SHIBX contract was audited by Techrate.
Techrate stated in their disclaimer that the audit was a limited report.
Issues found by Techrate was “Low issues with DoS with block gas limit”

Smart-Contract-Audits/ShibX Full Smart Contract Security Audit.pdf at main · TechRate/Smart-Contract-Audits · GitHub

Is this coins a scam rated SHIBX 1.46

SHIBX provided no information on Doxxing, the team is not Doxxed.

Contract Verification:
SHIBX contract is verified on BscScan

Current Market Cap
$1,586,948 (According to PooCoin)

Current 24Hr Volume

Current Market Price

Contract Address

Contract Code Review
Upon reviewing the contract code, we did not find any discrepancies between the contract code and what is inherently written on their website as it pertains to the fee and tax structure.

Contract is verified on BSCscan and the contract is owned and not renounced.

The above data is According to CoinMarketCap.at time of writing.

No Partnerships

Liquidity, Tax & Reflections

SHIBX Liquidity is locked on pinksale.finance for 3 months

SHIBX redistributes Shiba Inu tokens in the form of 6% reflections to the holder’s wallet every hour. Shiba Inu token address must be enabled.

Total Supply: 15,279,281,063,578.8805
Circulating Supply: Unknown
Buy/Sell/Move/Transfer Tax – 15%
Shib Rewards 6%
Marketing 5%
LP Reflection 2%
Development 2%

Lunar Crush At time of writing
Galaxy score – Not Listed
Alt rank – Not Listed


At time of writing, SHIBX community is relatively small, with just over close to 7K telegram followers and 6.4K twitter followers. The community has a mix of bots and followers with the members constantly asking questions mainly about the rebase system and why the token in their wallet keeps changing. No AMAs were found/done, only Announcements and Twitter tweets.

Community by the Numbers
Twitter – 6,444K followers
Telegram– 6,700K members
Holders/Wallets – 9,566K holders
Watch List (CMC) – 6,442K watchlist
Top 10 Holders - Holds over 10% of the total supply


SHIBX seems to be a fun meme token that rewards it holders with Shiba Inu reflections. The token is still relatively new in the DeFi space and may need time to grow. To date, there has been some confusion involving the rebase system, as investors FOMO into the token, they come to a realization that the token in their wallets is changing, then they have to figure out why, only to find out its due to the rebase system, and though the value of wallet holdings remains the same, it still causes issues in the community as seem on their telegram and twitter pages.

We at Qubestreet recommend having a more rigorous audit by Techrate, Certik or another well-established entity to boost the confidence of investors.
Additionally: Provide well-structured Roadmap with identifying the future of the project and a detailed whitepaper which provides a better breakdown of the Rebase Matrix to investors.
Finally: Liquidity needs to be locked for more than 3 months, locking liquidity for 1 or more years will secure investors trust and provide longevity in the project.

The above is for informational purposes only and is in no way financial advice. Do your Own Research (DYOR).

First Published:
Thursday, 14 October, 2021
Last updated:
Friday, 15 October, 2021


Scoring legend:
Below 50: Needs improvement
50-75: Getting attention
Above 75: Massive potential

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